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[Xen-users] What is "XenExpress"? (was: Does it legal to analysize XEN source code... etc)

Tim Post wrote:

No its not. XenEnt is not GPL. It does not contain GPL code. It is not a
community developed product. How are they pushing anything? Xen (GPL) and Xen
(ENT) are two
completely different code bases from my understanding, or you would get
source code
with XenEnt.

Well, I'm new here, but this doesn't fit in with my naive reading of the website. The FAQ says "Operating systems or other applications written to use Xen's hypercall interface are not derived works of Xen, hence may be licensed differently" (ie. not GPL'ed). The XenSource website talks only about using "Xen". The website makes it pretty clear that XenEnterprise and XenServer are simply value-added versions of Xen, for which they charge money; that's exactly what RedHat/etc do.

As a newbie, I'd really appreciate a FAQ entry (which is not likely to be provided by XenSource): what is the difference between XenExpress and the code that we can compile ourselves? As far as I can make out:

- XenExpress is hobbled (4 VMs, 4GB)

- XenExpress has some Windows drivers; the open-source version may not run well with Windows guests

- XenExpress installation requires your whole drive (what does that actually mean)?

- Installing the open source code can be a nightmare; XenExpress presumably works out-of-the-box



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