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Re: [Xen-users] error compiling libxc on Debian 4.0r1 with XEN 3.1

Krämer Armin írta:

Hi there,

i´ve set up quiete some XEN-Systems but compiling an XEN 3.1 from Source on Debian 4.0r1 on an newly installed system fails with the following error.

Xen CHECK-BUILD  Sa 15. Sep 19:29:11 CEST 2007

Checking check_crypto_lib: OK

Checking check_libvncserver: unused, OK

Checking check_openssl_devel: OK

Checking check_python: OK

Checking check_python_devel: OK

Checking check_sdl: unused, OK

Checking check_x11_devel: OK

Checking check_xgettext: OK

Checking check_zlib_devel: OK

Checking check_zlib_lib: OK

make[2]: Leaving directory `/mnt/develop/xen/xen-3.1.0-src/tools/check'

make[2]: Entering directory `/mnt/develop/xen/xen-3.1.0-src/tools/libxc'

mkdir -p xen

( cd xen && ln -sf ../../../xen/include/public/*.h . )

mkdir -p xen/hvm

( cd xen/hvm && ln -sf ../../../../xen/include/public/hvm/*.h . )

mkdir -p xen/io

( cd xen/io && ln -sf ../../../../xen/include/public/io/*.h . )

mkdir -p xen/arch-x86

( cd xen/arch-x86 && ln -sf ../../../../xen/include/public/arch-x86/*.h . )

mkdir -p xen/foreign

( cd xen/foreign && ln -sf ../../../../xen/include/public/foreign/Makefile . )

( cd xen/foreign && ln -sf ../../../../xen/include/public/foreign/reference.size . )

( cd xen/foreign && ln -sf ../../../../xen/include/public/foreign/*.py . )

make -C xen/foreign

make[3]: Entering directory `/mnt/develop/xen/xen-3.1.0-src/tools/libxc/xen/foreign'

./checker > x86_32.size

diff -u reference.size x86_32.size

make[3]: Leaving directory `/mnt/develop/xen/xen-3.1.0-src/tools/libxc/xen/foreign'

mkdir -p xen/linux

( cd xen/linux && \

ln -sf ../../../../linux-2.6-xen-sparse/include/xen/public/*.h . )

( cd xen && rm -f sys && ln -sf linux sys )

make libxenctrl.a libxenctrl.so libxenctrl.so.3.0 libxenctrl.so.3.0.0 libxenguest.a libxenguest.so libxenguest.so.3.0 libxenguest.so.3.0.0

make[3]: Entering directory `/mnt/develop/xen/xen-3.1.0-src/tools/libxc'

gcc -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -m32 -march=i686 -DNDEBUG -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wno-unused-value -Wdeclaration-after-statement -D__XEN_TOOLS__ -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE -mno-tls-direct-seg-refs -D_GNU_SOURCE -Werror -Wmissing-prototypes -fno-strict-aliasing -I. -I../xenstore -Wp,-MD,.xc_core.o.d -c -o xc_core.o xc_core.c

cc1: warnings being treated as errors

xc_core.c: In function 'xc_core_shdr_get':

xc_core.c:195: warning: assuming signed overflow does not occur when assuming that (X + c) < X is always false

make[3]: *** [xc_core.o] Fehler 1

make[3]: Leaving directory `/mnt/develop/xen/xen-3.1.0-src/tools/libxc'

make[2]: *** [build] Fehler 2

make[2]: Leaving directory `/mnt/develop/xen/xen-3.1.0-src/tools/libxc'

make[1]: *** [install] Fehler 2

make[1]: Leaving directory `/mnt/develop/xen/xen-3.1.0-src/tools'

make: *** [install-tools] Fehler 2

Could anyone identify what going wrong here or how can i fix this error?

I´ve followed this howto building XEN: http://www.howtoforge.net/debian_etch_xen_3.1_p5

Maybe some depencys are not correct?

THanks for helping me!

Greetings Armin


Xen-users mailing list
I don't know what's wrong with this except that I've noted cc1: warnings being treated as errors in your message and the xen build process is not warnings free yet.
What I propose is the following:
Beeing on debian the safest way is to install via debs, so I would recommend to search packages.debian.org for xen-hypervisor with distribution sid, download the source package, unpack it with dpkg-source -x .....dsc, then cd to the created directory and dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot.
This way I was able to compile xen on my etch box.

Good Luck!


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