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Re: [Xen-users] RE: Does it legal to analysize XEN source code and write a book about it

On Mon, 2007-09-17 at 06:41 -0600, Tao Shen wrote:
> I see that great values exist in Xen and virtualization. That's why I am 
> here, on the list.  From a practical perspective, I don't see that 
> XenSource's triple segregation of their product into Express, Server, 
> Enterprise makes any sense from a revenue maximization perspective.  For 
> serious users who depend on Xen(Amazon EC2) they will be paying the 
> support contracts but still cheaper than VMware Infrastructure. 

I have been in the hosting industry since there was a hosting industry.
I don't think that you realize how much market share XenSource gives up
with the GPL products.

I can, right now say (for fact) that there are well over 10,000 machines
running Xen (GPL) because hosting companies pay integrators to make it
work for them.

Xen(Commercial) has to compete with its own _free_ offerings. Why
begrudge them their ability to do this?

I can name (off the top of my head) 20+ large hosting providers who no
longer pay Virtuozzo because of the free version of Xen. This means,
users have guaranteed resources and sites no longer become victims of
their own success, well, at least not like they used to.

There are many positives that you are simply not aware of, I think.

> Software license isn't even considered cost for them.  For semi-serious 
> business users, currently Xen is on par in cost compared to VMware.

That is entirely relative to what you can do in house and how much 'in
house' costs.

> For enthusiasts, you are stuck to Xen + Virt-manger on a stock Linux 
> distro.  

Only if you use Redhat/Fedora. I write my own programs for Xen :) See

All of my dom-0 hosts are Ubuntu GNU/Linux or Debian, I don't like Red
Hat flavors, they completely clobber init and networking.

> Quite frankly, Xen Express doesn't cut it.  So in the end, the 
> only competitive advantage for Xen branded product is centered on Xen 
> Enterprise for the VPS hosts.  XenSource is severely decapitating their 
> potential revenue stream.

Sure, it cuts it. It cuts it for many people who want to try the primo
stuff before they buy it, or someone who just wants a control layer and
devotes 99% of system resources to a single VM.

I don't think that you realize how _MUCH_ market share XenSource gives

> gosh i just lost another 30 minutes....got to go...30 minute naps will 
> hurt for the day :) later

Eeek, go sleep, or your screen saver will make you need therapy. 


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