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[Xen-users] VNC to HVM not starting

My dom0 is Gentoo and I'm trying to boot an HVM off of a Ubuntu Feisty ISO image.

I apparently have X already listening on 5900... for the "shared desktop" feature of the modern X servers.

So I have:


I've left out the vncdisplay and vncconsole in trials. Still (netstat says) nothing is listening on 5901 or 5906 for my vncviewer to connect to. In /etc/xen/xend-config I have vnc-listen '' and a vncpasswd set.

I ran across xenstore-ls.  I see this:
  backend = ""
   vfb = ""
    1= ""
     0 = ""
      vncunused = "1"
    2 = ""
     0 = ""
      vncunused = "1"

Does the vncunused shown here indicate a problem?

Could it be the build of Xen on Gentoo?

Scott Serr

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