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Re: [Xen-users] Re: 3D acceleration

Thanks for all your messages!

On Mon, 24 Sep 2007 14:00:43 -0400, Andres Lagar-Cavilla
<andreslc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  > is running i.e. linux
>>  in a domU and using http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~andreslc/xen-gl/
>>  for GL-applications to run those on the graphiccard attached to
>>  dom0.
>  > I actually need multi-threaded D3D support.
>  > (But OpenGL is useful for other apps)
> Yah, I don't support D3D or Windows (and that is very unlikely to happen
> in the future). You can always try to stack D3D on top of OpenGL with
> wine, but that's unlikely to perform decently (or provide
> multi-threading.)

Wine is nice, but fails with high-end games due to D3D and bad performance.
And another problem:
I play Call of Duty which works pretty good through Wine. But if I want to
on servers having PunkBuster enabled, I will get kicked because that piece
not run through wine. And this is one example of hundreds...

>  > What does "at the moment" mean? Is this a planned feature, or even
> already
>  > in development?
>  > It's dependent on the video chipset manufacturers publishing specs,
>  > such as ATI just did. (Yay, ATI.).
> I disagree, it depends on people porting the 3D API's to virtual
> machine-friendly libraries, which is what vmgl (old xen-gl) does.
> ATI releasing the specs is a promising step for enabling open-source
> drivers. But from my p.o.v. that only means we'll get robust xen dom0
> drivers, instead of hacking the few parts of the driver that are visible
> and praying. Providing 3D accel to domU's is another business.
> My two cents
> Andres

What would you all suggest to me?

1) Wait until VirtualBox finished it's 3D Acc support and use it. 
2) Wait for XEN to support 3D Acc (needs new Hardware)

What to buy now or later? NVIDIA which already has "good" Linux support 
in their drivers (but closed source), or wait until ATI provides a good
open driver?

I just don't know what I should do now, also duo to lack of knowledge.
I just want to avoid these annoying reboots and play win-games in linux
at nearly native speed. 

Thanks for all suggestions and replies!


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