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[Xen-users] slow network when interface receiving in xen 3.0.3

Hello all,

I'm using Xen 3.0.3 in a production server. I'm not keen on moving to xen 3.1 till soon future. The problem is that network goes slower than it should. Let me explain the symptoms.

dom0 --> Network      Good!
domU --> Network      Good!
Network --> dom0       Bad!
Network --> domU      Bad!

So when I receive packets it goes 50K/s in a Gigabit connection, but everything goes well when sending. I have being doing some research about this issue in the list and just found problems related to tx checksumming. And I tested it with tcpdump and I don't have any bad checksumming.

Is anyone having network problems like this? is there any bug reported related to this? any clue? Thanks a lot in advanced.



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