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Re: [Xen-users] Share of disks in read only between dom0 and domU.

Michel Gaudet <Michel.Gaudet@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> Yes the partition is on /dev/sda which is mounted also; but grub stage
> 1.5 and 2 are on /dev/sda6 and grub access its stage > 1 thru the file
> system onto it is installed then i think i do mount /dev/sda6 which
> contain the grub stage > 1.

Grub does not access /dev/sda6 for the later stages. It uses the bios
to read the data from sda directly following the partition block to
the partition and then parsing the filesystem.

You are seriously changing the way the disk appear in the bios with
yur xen configuration as compared to without xen. That is why it


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