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Re: [Xen-users] Xen clustering

Tom Brown wrote:
On Wed, 31 Oct 2007, Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:

shacky wrote:

I'm writing to the mailing list to know if Xen is what I'm looking for.
 I need a failover cluster with two completely and automatically
 replicated and redundanced servers running Windows Server 2003
 Could Xen make this?
Where I can found some information about making this configuration with

 Thank you very much for your help!


Not..... exactly. You can keep multiple operating systems on a single server: you can migrate them from a common network storage to run on one server or another. But failover where one server's operating system fails or is disabled, and another takes over the function, is a much more interesting thing to do. To do complete OS failover, every physical component must be mirrored and matched and the connections duplicated

what? Even if "every component must be matched", that would be a GREAT reason to use XEN, as all the components are virtual, so of course they match.

.. And using XEN underneath a proprietory O/S allows you to do things like replicate the filesystem via DRBD to another node... and/or make backups via snapshots, etc...

So, while the question is incomplete, and XEN isn't going to do the job by itself, it is a very usefull tool in getting the job done... as putting the proprietary OS inside a virtual machine gives you a degree of control you might not be able to get on physical hardware. I've got a couple of physical windows servers that I _wish_ were running inside virtual machines.

That said, while I do use DRBD in production, I have not configured heartbeat to configure automated failover of services... nor do I make much use of windows.


with failover redundancy, and that gets fascinating to support. It's also amazingly expensive, much more than the cost of a small set of duplicate servers.

Nico, I like some of your answers... and some of them leave my mouth hanging open. You don't leave yourself much wiggle room, it would be really easy for some newbie to think they were "the definitive" answers.

If you have specific services running on those servers, you might be able to gracefully implement them in normal master/slave or master/master failover modes.

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Hi All,
well , if we say FailOver mechanism is stop one and restart another node it is true but if FailOver definition is Migration from one node to another.
What is your idea about it?
increasing redundant hardwares is it?
and if we have proactive fault detection mechanism we can do it.
some related works exist.
My thesis is about this subject "Improving Survivability of HA Clusters" (that Mission-Critical apps. runs on...) if any body help me to Hacking Xen, heartbeat and implementing some other tools and compare results we can publishing some Papers about this and have friendly work group!
I am ready to contribute and very appreciate.
Best Regards

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