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Re: [Xen-users] Re: Any Xen kernel based on something newer than 2.6.18 ?

Jens Kleikamp wrote:
> BrunoM schrieb:
>> Hello all,
>> I'm trying to get my servers to work with Xen, but as I use sata2, it
>> looks like only a recent kernel will do the job. But unferotunately,
>> ony and official 2.6.8 is provided, which doesn't boot at all on
>> those machines.
>> I've tried ubuntu's 2.6.22-xen, but ti looks very buggy. Where could
>> we find patches for 2.6.22/23 to add Xen?
>> How could I gete a recent kernel with Xen?
>> Thanks for any suggestion tht could help!
>> Regards,
>> Bruno
> Gentoo has 2.6.20 as current xen kernel in portage.
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There are problems for some amd64 users, including me, with this kernel
on gentoo. I mean less than <2.6.22.
Hard disks and thus whole system performance just sucks when there are
significant I/O load (for example creating large files with dd).
There is a huge thread about it :
http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-482731-highlight-.html and this is
not related with xen but in linux >2.6.18 kernels in general. Something
related to cfs scheduling.
So for production Gentoo is useless for certain amd64 users on certain
hardware at least while there will be available newer >=2.6.22 xen 
kernel sources.
Redhat and Centos how to managed that they do not suffer from this
issue. CFS patches?
I tried to setup Fedora Core7 for my dom0, but it seems to me VERY
unstable on my hardware. (several random network losses and even system
crashes within 2 weeks).
I installed Centos5 with older kernel 2.18 and older xen 3.0.x. My sata2
drives performs well and system is stable - this seems to be the only
solution for production for me now.

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