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[Xen-users] xen-cluster lvm and locking

Hello everybody!

I want to run several DomUs in a cluster-like environment. The Dom0 machines 
have access to a SAN and use LVM for disk management. Unfortunately it is 
possible, that the same DomU can be started on two different Dom0s. Without a 
cluster-aware file system (like gfs) a volume which is mounted with read/write 
access, more then once at a time, the file system get screwed.

Is there a way to avoid starting a Dom0 simultaneously on more than one Dom0?

I have read about clvm, but i couldn't get a clue, on how it could help me.

Maybe the answer is out there, but searching didn't get me to the right place, 
so please forgive me if my problem has been discussed already somewhere else in 
this mailing list.

Thanks in advance!

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