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Re: [Xen-users] XEN HVMs on LVM over iSCSI - test results, (crashes) and questions

Quoting Ivan Porro <pivan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hi all,

some results from my configuration.

I've this configuration (I'm not interested in raw top performances but
in reliability.. so, I can accept slow MB/sec and prefer to rely on a
RAID6, for example):

1 Infortrend iSCSI Array A16E-G2130-4 with:
- 1GB DDR cache
- 7 x 500GB sataII Seagate ST3500630NS with 16mb (no budget for SAS)
- one of the logic volumes (about 1TB) is actually bounded to a single channel

1 DELL PE1950 server with:
- QLogic iSCSI HBA QLA 4060C
- 2 x Quad core x5335  2GHz Xeon
- 2 x 73GB SAS drives (raid1 software)

1 DELL 2716 gigabit switch in the middle

Nice hardware you have there... I'm jealous :)

The array, tha HBA and the switch are Jumbo frame enabled. CHAP
authentication enabled.

For initial testing, I'd turn off CHAP and jumbo frames...

I've successfully installed XEN 3.1.0 from source (kernel 2.6.18-xen)
and the QLogic ISP4XXX iSCSI Host Bus Adapter driver

What distribution are you using on the host platform?

I have successfully installed a windows XP HVM, a Scientific Linux CERN
- SLC - 4 and 3 (RedHat EL 4 and 3) HVMs and other non HVM machines.
The volume I imported from the iSCSI is used with LVM: each HVM domain
has a 8GB drive partitioned with a 1GB swap and rest on /.

These are performance for bonnie++ (Per Chr column write and read):


Frankly, I think you have waaaayyy to many variables. Since this is the "Xen" forums, lets try to limit your configuration to the local system. Move/copy/recreate your LVM/ISCSI images onto the PE1950 and run them locally. Run the same test and see how it goes.


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