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Re: [Xen-users] eth0 disappears replaced by eth1

TURPIN Olivier schrieb:

I have just installed xen 3.1
After booting kernel (without xen) I have one eth0 with static IP NIC is a nvidia MCP65 ethernet on Asus M2N-X motherboard. After booting with xen kernel dom0, eth0 disappears (config file still present). No peth0 visible. And eth1 has appeared with noconfig (it has not inherited
the eth0 config).
ifconfig shows lo and xenbr0 only, nothing else.
ifconfig -a shows all the vif, xenbr0, eth1 but no eth0 and no peth0.
Network is not operational.

Does anyone have an idea of what is going on ? Is it possible that xen kernel would identify motherboard NIC as different from eth0 ?
Is it possible to force motherboard NIC to be eth0 ?

I had the same problem with Asus M2N-MX mainboard.
It is the combination of the nic-driver "forcedeth" and udev.
Older versions of the driver could not get the MAC-Adress of the nic, so they randomly create one. But udev uses the MAC for creating the devices. With every boot the devicenumber is one more. eth0,eth1,eth2 ...

For one nic and debian etch i fixed it with a rule in /etc/udev/rules.d/z25_persistent-net.rules. SUBSYSTEM=="net", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTRS{vendor}=="0x10de", ATTRS{device}=="0x03ef", NAME="eth0" Infos about vendor and device you got with
 udevinfo -a -p /class/net/ethxxx
where xxx ist the current devicename of the nic.
Please search in Google for complete howtos.


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