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Re: [Xen-users] max loop

On Wed November 7 2007 5:56:37 am Mitch wrote:

> My original problem was related to the max_loop and it wouldnt bring up
> peth0 veth0 xenbr0, The fix above fixed it..
> if you type: ip route list | awk '/^default /'
> It should say something like this:
> default via xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx dev eth0  metric 100
> The problem is it tried to make veth100...

Yep. I had a similar problem on SuSE, where my 'default' line ended 
with 'window 65340', so it was trying to make veth65340! I replaced 'ip route 
list' with just 'route', which didn't have anything after 'eth0', and voila - 
I had my network devices show up in 'ifconfig'.

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