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Re: [Xen-users] Centos 5 hvm (windows 2003) crash

Christian Horn wrote:
> You should try again once centos 5.1 got created from upstream rhel 5.1 ,
> it comes with a redhadish xen3.1.1 .
> Wondering what the license of the redhat para-drivers will be once
> they are available.
> Christian

CentOS 5.1 is not yet available, will be at the end of november. I'ts
probably the solution.
Just trying to experiment.
I Put win2003 on another separate LVM volume, but on same RAID1
partition. It works fine when I do disk I/O intensive jobs form Dom0 and
pv DomU's, but become unreachable when I include hvm domain stress now.
The good is, that it recovers.
It seems to me, that qemu drivers cannot handle well such I/O load.


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