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[Xen-users] Network Stup Problem


I want to setup a server at 1&1 with XEN on Debian Etch AMD 64. Basic setup
and setting up domU's is no problem. What i want you can see here:


Every eth0 should get it's own official IP. For this i have 3 IP's which are
routed to my switchport. Routing at 1&1 is a bit tricky. With a normal
server eth0 gets it's IP with as netmask and the the
following is required for gateway config:

route add -net netmask dev eth0
route add default gw

After this "the world" is reachable. Dom0 is configured like this an
reachable. Then I've setup on bridge and connect one domU to it and did the
same setup with a different official IP. Then I Tried to test this with a
ping and traced the packets. With my setup the problem is, that the packets
are send out and the echo reply comes back to the bridge but never reaches
eth0 of the domU because of it's mac address. Eth0 of the domU is connected
to vif0.1 of br0 but the mac the packets are sent to is the real mac of the
hardware and this is bound to vif0.0 of br0.

How can i get this working ? I'm stuck.


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