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[Xen-users] XEN - Broadcom issue: survey

I totally agree with Luc Boudreau about this problem.

On modern branded server they ALL use Broadcom chipset... I must admit that:

a) lot of people are experiencing the problem but can tolerate it


b) someone already experienced this problem and solved it

Lets' approach the problem pragmatically... just start with a survey on the list. ... hope we solve this issue soon.


HW              Driver  Version Adapter TX-DRP  Kernel

HP DL380 G3     tg3     3.49    BCM5703X No     2.6.16-xen
DELL PE1950     bnx2    1.5.10c BCM5708  Yes    2.6.18-xen
HP DL380 G5     bnx2    any     BCM5708  Yes


for people who may be interested in howto collect data:

Driver:         lsmod |grep tg3
                lsmod |grep bnx2

Note: you are using only the driver which produce some outuput.. :) (admitting you've not compiled it statically in your kernel)

Driver version: modinfo <type> |grep version
Adapter:        lspci |grep BCM
Packet drop?    netstat -i   (TX-DRP column)
Kernel:         uname -r

so this post is not totally useless :)
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