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[Xen-users] sched-credit on boot and DomU startup?

I'm running Xen 3.1 on 64-bit Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy)

I want to set the weight of Domain-0 to 32768 and the weight of a domain
called "dev" to be 1, and the weight of the rest of the domains left at
the default of 256.

I know how to do that using sudo xm sched-credit (don't need help there)

However, I would like it done automatically at boot or DomU creation.

For Domain-0 is there a method of setting the priority on boot that is
better than placing something in /etc/init.d?

For a DomU, is there a way of setting the sched-credit weight directly
in the config file (doesn't look like it)?

Any other thoughts (perhaps cron is the best solution if I can wait a
few minutes for the sched-credit weight to be set?)


Tom Parker

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