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RE: [Xen-devel] How to use 1000M NIC in Xen? Does xen support that?

I guess you're running a VMX guest -- By default, VMX guest uses the virtual 
NIC (i.e., RTL8139) that is emulated by modified Qemu.
In VMX guest, you can make and install vNIF driver to obtain a high throughput, 
or you can assign your physical NIC to the VMX guest directly, if your system 
supports the feature "Intel VT-d". 

-- Dexuan


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Subject: [Xen-devel] How to use 1000M NIC in Xen? Does xen support that?

Hi all:
I installed xen3.0.4 on fedora7, which has an Intel Pro/1000 NIC, I use chariot 
to test the throught between two machine with Intel Pro/1000 NIC, the native 
throughput was 650Mbps in average, but the throughput between one machine and 
the Virtual Machine on xen is 67Mbps. I noticed that in the Virtual Machine 
which I installed in xen, the NIX is rtl8139, 100M, I think this is the reason 
whay the throughput is 67Mbps. 
Can somebody explain this??
Thank you 

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