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RE: [Xen-users] domU on shared storage

> If you want to share a vm between 2 hosts and migrate the vm without
> stopping it you ned to use a cluster file system. On SuSE we normally
> use OCFS2, on redhat I believe it's gfs. One of the issues we've
> encountered with OICFS2 is that it doesn't do sparce files. My firm
> has been experimenting with using Veritas cluster file system with XEN
> on SLES 10.1. We arfe going at it slowly since it's not a supported as
> a configuration by either Novell or Symantec at the moment.

Does OCFS2 support mmap well enough now to allow dselect/apt/etc to
work? When I tried it last time (~18 months ago), I couldn't use it as a
root filesystem for this reason.

ClusterNFS has a really nifty feature that allowed you to name a file
with the MAC or IP address encoded into the filename, which allows
different nodes to see different versions of the files, eg something
like /etc/hostname$$

Do any of the clustered filesystems you mentioned have that or similar



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