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[Xen-users] Help trouble shooting why this SBS 2003 system won't boot!

So I went and did it.... Okay, at least I'm trying to do it. I'm trying to perform a few dry runs on moving a Windows 2003 Small Business Server system running on a PowerEdge system to a Xen DomU running on a reasonably more powerful system. Using a combo of loop devices, ntfs-3g, bartpe and LVM, I managed to clone my system to a logical volume. The NTFS partitions are healthy and can data can be viewed on both the dom0 using ntfs-3g and in BartPE on the domU. I ran fixboot and fixmbr in in the final stages of my dry run to see if I could actually boot. When trying to boot from the logical volume, the domU just hangs at the "Booting from Hard Disk" text. So I'm trying to get some help in determining where the problem could lie. Are there any known limits with respect to the size of the 'phy:' disk you can pass a domU? One interesting thing is that the domU can't seem to determine the proper size of my logical volume. At the tail end of the disk description during booting, the size is described at (--)*(MB) or something like that if I can remember it correctly.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Errol Neal

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