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[Xen-users] sound on HVM

Hi there,

        As I understand thereÂs code in place to emulate a few soundcards like 
the sb16 and the ess1370. But the problem is that once a vm grab the 
device nobody could use it. So... is there another way of having 
working sound on more than one vm (windows hvm) ?

        Another thread sugest to use a sound server, but the only windows 
driver I could find is a old one that could talk to a ESD [1] (or 
pulseaudio), but I couldnt get it work... maybe thereÂs a little trick 
that IÂm not aware off

[1] http://www.clingman.org/winesd/

Christian Lyra


  Thus spake the master programmer: 
  ``When you have learned to snatch the error code from the trap frame, 
it will be time for you to leave.'' 
                                                The Tao Of Programing

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