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[Xen-users] Backup suspended/paused VM ?

Hi there,

I want to backup whole VMs every weekend for disaster recovery. 
The backup target can be a nfs or samba server.
To minimize downtime, the VMs should just suspend(pause) instead of shut
down(xm save).
The VM is Windows 2003 server (HVM) and centos 5 paravirtual.

I think of such a procedure:
1. dom0 suspends(pause) VM1
2. dom0 copies VM1 to Backup Server
3. dom0 resumes(unpause) VM1
4. dom0 suspends VM2
5. dom0 copies VM2 to Backup Server
6. dom0 resumes VM2
7. etc... until all VMs are backed up
8. In the end send the logfile of the whole process via email.

since shut down and reboot the VM is quite impractical (takes up to 15
minutes for rebooting). 
Is there a way to copy the disk image files and the freezed memory of a
suspended VM to a network target?


Sebastien CAPS

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