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Re: [Xen-users] physical nic to xen

Jeff Lane wrote:
APOLOGIES: I meant to send this to the list, not to Max.

On Nov 20, 2007 1:59 PM, Jeff Lane <sundowner225@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Nov 20, 2007 12:11 PM, Maximilian Wilhelm <max@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Am Tuesday, den 20 November hub Artur Baruchi folgendes in die Tasten:
Is there a way to specify a physical nic (like eth0 or eth1) to a
guest?! I mean... My server has 2 nics, and I wanna that my guest to
use eth1. Is it possible?
Maybe you can hide the pci-id for eth1 from Dom0 and pass the
pci-device to the dom-u.
I have no idea what that means...  but that's ok.. I'm dense.

Seems to me that this is simpler:

1:  Create a xen bridge device and attach each physical NIC to it,
e.g. eth0 is attached to bridge0 and eth1 is attached to bridge1.
2:  In your guest config, create a config line for each of the virtual
NICs, and assign each one to a bridge... so virt-eth0 is attached to
bridge0, and virt-eth1 is attached to bridge1.
3:  Profit!

Seriously, it's that simple, and it works.  I've done it a few times.
The only thing I never got to really work correctly was NIC teaming
for failover or load balancing... but that's a different story.


You have got two ways.

1.) you can use bridges as here:http://zh.stikipad.com/notes/show/Xen+domUs+with+two+NICs 2.) you can hide the pci and attach it to domU (exclusive access) - see user manual section 5.3

Have a good day.


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