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[Xen-users] different vlans in a domU


I want to setup a domU node, as a member of different VLAN addresses.

I configured the switch where the dom0 is connected to tag the VLAN's for 
the domU. In the domU, i configured vlan interfaces on top of eth0.
On the dom0 I have a bridge0, where the eth0 of the dom0, and the virtual 
Interface of the domU is a member. 
Unfortunately the bridge0 seems to strip the VLAN tags from the VLAN 
packets. A tcpdump on the eth0 in the domU showed that the packets arriving 
there, but not on the vlan interface.
This plainly did not worked.

Then I removed the vlan interface in the domU.
I added a bridge1 in the dom0, created a vlan interface on the dom0, added 
that to the bridge1. Then I added a second interface to the domU, assigned 
it to the bridge1.
Now I have a bridge0, where I can communicate with untagged vlan packets, 
and a bridge1 that allows me to communicated with the domU with tagged vlan 
For all the vlan's I want to use, I have to create a bridge interface on the 
This is working.

Is the second way the way to go, or is there a better way? In my eyes it 
seems a bit complicated, but maybe it is just the way as it is intended to 
work. Any hint would be appreciated.

kind regards

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