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[Xen-users] moving from non-xen environment -> xen environment

Hi Folks,

I've been thinking of trying to migrate a production environment, that's currently running on Debian Sarge, to a xen DomU - sort of slipping Xen under an existing installation, if you will.

The motivation is to gain a bit more flexibility in using two low-volume servers - where one is now being used for production, the other for development. I'd sort of like to move to an environment where I can:
- continue to use one server as a primary product server
- use the 2nd machine to backup the first, and as a development/staging environment

This suggests:
- use Xen on both machines
- run a single DomU on the primary machine, providing production services
- configure a DomU on the 2nd machine to provide hot-spare backup (using DRBD and hearbeat), albeit with reduced performance - do development in a DomU on the 2nd machine - snapshot the production environment, then develop, and install by migration (albeit with some details on synchronizing data before migration still to be worked out)

It seems like the first step, though, is to slip a Xen Dom0 under my running production environment.

So.... any experience/suggestions on how to do this as painlessly as possible? Comments on the general idea are welcome as well.

Thanks much,


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