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[Xen-users] Gentoo Xen issues


Iâm trying to deploy Xen in a Gentoo machine (Macbook Core 2 Duo), but Iâm
having a lot of questions and issues about installation and operation of
Xen, mainly with backend drivers.

The info is:

-       Machine: Macbook Core 2 Duo, itâs hardware is well known, but if needed
Iâll post later my lspci. It has T7200 Core 2 Duo with Intel VT, SATA disk
with Intel ICH7 controller, and Intel Gigabit Ethernet. 
-       Gentoo: Installed from 2007.0, with for normal kernel, and
2.6.20-r6 for xenfied kernel. With normal kernel, all is working: Gnome 2.20
with 3D acceleration, sound, disks, keyboard, touchpad, network (only with
Ethernet, Iâm not trying Atheros Wifi at the moment). Iâm not using initrd,
my kernel have only the controllers I need, and very few modules. So, SCSI
support, SATA drivers for Intel ICH7 and ext2/ext3, Intel GMA950 are inside
the kernel, not compiled as modules.
-       Xen: I emerged latest available version, 3.1.2, with xen-tools. No 
with compile and installation (emerge didnât complaint). To generate the xen
dom0 kernel, I used my working kernel adding usual dom0 options, like
privileged domain, Virtual PCI, backend drivers.

My goal is to get domUs with graphical support (planned to use X/Gnome in
that virtual machines). At first state, Iâm planning to store VM in files,
maybe later Iâll migrate them to separate partitions (my macbook have only
one hard disk).

Well, my questions / issues:

-       After installation and basic configuration, I added xend to default rc,
and then rebooted. I always get some error when I start xend (or its started
at boot), mainly with blktap: if I generate a dom0 kernel with only backend
drivers (as told in Gentoo Xen How To), xend says blktap0 is already
mounted. But if I use a dom0 kernel with backend drivers in kernel and
fronted drivers as modules, xend complaints about not available slot to
mount blktap0. Is there any way to check status of /dev/blktap0?

-       When I try to start VM (images downloaded from web), or create it with
domi, I get non-successful boots, always failed detecting boot partition
inside domU (the known kernel panic about not finding correct boot
partition). I tried with âfile:/var/lib/xen/fedora.imgâ as sda1, or
âtap:aio:/var/lib/xen/fedora.imgâ as xvda or xvda1, but with no luck. I
suspect from the above error with blktap0, but Iâm not sure if my dom0 is
giving right filesystem to domU. Any method / utility to check that?

-       My last movement was to install Virtual Manager (which is in the portage
tree), and use virt-install tool to create the VM. When I try that, with
Fedora 7 as domU, in the boot sequence I get timeouts for vkb0 and vb0
(virtual keyboard and net, I suppose), and the well known kernel panic abot
hotplug scripts not working (but I get that with vkbd0), and I didnât found
much information about that. What could I check? Dom0 hotplug scripts are
working well, as far I knowâMaybe I need to add some options to my kernel?

Iâm getting stuck at that point, Iâm not sure about my kernel dom0 config,
maybe someone can post a working dom0 kernel config with gentoo?

Thanks for your patience reading this, english is not my mother tongue ;-)

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