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Re: [Xen-users] Running OS instances within domU or on physical device

Nyers, Gabor wrote:
> [...]
> Is there any interesting application of this? (For one, I can imagine a case, 
> when a non 
> 24x7 VM gets started on a physical machine in order to cope with
> periodic heavy loads)
> [...]

Hmm, I see not much useful application in this.

For this type of load balancing, you would rather let the domU run alone
on a single host, and migrate other away to less used servers.

Having to reboot every time the load gets higher seems a bit odd for
real production.

So, this experiment might be an interesting result, but I see not
practical use.
On the other hand, it's not even such a wonder that this works: if you
installed a normal kernel to boot from, there is not much difference
between a "normal" system and a (PV - HVM is even less different, if at
all)domU - the only thing different is that you have a xen kernel, and
you often disbale all but one serial console - nothing special that
keeps you from using the system directly on the hardware instead with a
hypervisor in between.

Maybe it's interesting and usable for desktop/laptop users - I don't know?


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