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Re: [Xen-users] Does Xen fit my needs?

On 11/29/07, Daniel Savard <daniel.savard@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Is qemu/kqemu/kvm having the appropriate features for this?

for me, it does.  VMWare server is another good solution.

the downside of Xen in this scenario is that the Dom0 is just another
guest, so for non-server hardware you get some limitations.  good 3d
graphics is xen's weakest point.  for this you want a virtualization
scheme that doesn't modify the 'host' system.

if you want a server setup, Xen is among the very best. if you want to
test a Xen server setup, would be silly to use anything else than Xen.
 but if you want test system (or several) 'on top' of your current
workstation, try something else.  for me, KVM fits _very_ nicely.


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