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[Xen-users] How to manage images/partitions for xen DomUs?

I am trying to figure out the best way, how to configure a small cluster
with xen and High Availability (Heartbeat). I have two servers and a few
virtual machines. What I need is to ensure, that images or partitions of
the machines will be mirrored between the two nodes (maybe with drbd?).
But that is not all - I also need to enlarge the disks (because of
growing databases) of virtual machines sometimes (if it could be done
without shutting the machines down, it would be perfect!), so I am
thinking about some evms/lvm setup. But I have no idea how to configure
such a thing - how would it look like? Do you have any ideas, schematics
or something? Like layered model - should I use evms to group drbd
devices in domain 0 or lvm in virtual machines to group virtual disks...
something like that. I need some advice, hints or  how to setup a
Xen+Heartbeat+some disk volume management configuration.
Thank you

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