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Re: [Xen-users] Problem to get more than 8 loopback deviceses.

hallo Tomasz!

Now i tested option "netloop.nloopbacks=16", but
problem not resolved. (modutils-2.4.26-1.2,
(s. test netloop.nloopbacks)

What can i do?

Addition i send a note "node != max_loop".
(s. note_xen_loop-dev)

regards Torsten

  - test netloop.nloopbacks
    (s. [3])

# dmesg | grep loop
Kernel command line: root=/dev/sda1 ro netloop.nloopbacks=16 xencons=off 
loop: loaded (max 8 devices)

# grep max_loop /etc/modules.conf
options loop max_loop=16

# modprobe -V
module-init-tools version 3.3-pre2

# apt-cache show modutils | grep Version

# apt-cache show module-init-tools | grep Version
Version: 3.3-pre4-2

# grep BLK_DEV_LOOP .config
## (compiled as modul to better testing)

- note_xen_loop-dev
  - zu log_xen_hotplug

  - xen liest die Devices nach folgenden Prinzip aus:

    loops=`ls /dev/loop*`
    -> 0 1 10 2 ...   -> crash dev #3 if (max_loop=8)

  -> d.h. Es duerfen nicht mehr Nodes existieren
          wie mit max_loop definiert!
          May exist no more Nodes, as loop-devices real exist.


Torsten lehmann

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