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[Xen-users] Re: About swiotlb and " ...PCI-DMA: Out ofSW-IOMMU..."error

btw: I own a 3ware 9500 - so we use the same driver - 3w_9xxx - maybe here
the problem starts...

I run the 9560 controller and i patch is a newer driver provided by 3ware, i had to do this because 2.6.18 doesnt have support for the 9560 controllers. There are some problems with Xen and 3wares drivers. I also had a ML discussion going a while back because the latest driver for the 3ware controller would cause a kernel panic only with a Xen patched kernel, with a vanilla kernel it would work fine. Keir also talked with me alittle about this but didnt really seam interested to hear or look into it futher. I'm sure they are busy and i'm not positive that it was a problem with Xen it could have been a problem with the 3ware code. It was only happening with the xen patches though so i figured they would want to have a look, 3ware is a popular controller these days...


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