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Re: [Xen-users] DomU with

# Virtual host config file

name = "d999"
kernel = "/virtual/kernel/vmlinux-"
ramdisk = "/virtual/kernel/initrd.img-" // <-- i tryed it with static kernel and initrd with the same result disk = ['file:/virtual/images/d999,ioemu:sda1,w', 'file:/backup/d999,ioemu:sdb1,w']
root = "/dev/sda1 ro"
cpus = "0,1,2,3"
vcpus = 4
memory = 1024
vif = ['bridge=xenbr0, vifname=vif999']
- Michael Schmidt

Maximilian Wilhelm schrieb:
Am Tuesday, den 11 December hub Power-Netz (M. Schmidt) folgendes in die Tasten:


Is there a way to run a 2.6.23.x Kernel with Xen 3.1.0 as DomU?

IÂm running with Xen 3.0, so I strongly guess that your
combination is possible, too.

I tryed the vmlinux image, then it dosnt start the domain.
If i try the vmlinuz image, the domain starts, but there is no output and the domain dosn comes up.

That's confusing. As far as I know only the vmlinux images work, but
the bzImage (vmlinuz) won't work.

Please post your DomU config file.


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