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[Xen-users] Re: IOMMU capable hardware

> Mark you have written
> [cut]
> > domains).  Also, unless you have IOMMU capable hardware (most people
> > don't)
> [/cut]
> Is this hardware available on the market today?
> And if it is, where can we read the list of this hardware?

Intel's VT-d technology includes and IOMMU.  I *think* you can now purchase 
motherboards which include it but I'm not 100% sure.  I wouldn't know which 
models either, too be honest.  Xen-unstable already has preliminary support 
for this and uses it to do PCI passthrough to HVM guests.  VT-d for PV guests 
is not yet supported.

Knowing Intel there probably is / will be a list of VT-d boards on their 
website at some point.

> Or may be plans about release of such a hardware?

AMD are also bringing out IOMMU hardware but I know less about this.


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