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Re: [Xen-users] Kernel types and xen caps : PV/HVM, 32/64 bit, PAE/non-PAE

jd wrote:
Is there a doc/wiki page which explains, the kind of
domu images/appliances/kernels can be run with what
type of dom0 kernels(xen_caps).

For example :
-- Can a 32 bit, non-PAE domU run on 64 bit, PAE dom 0
in PV mode ? (or HVM mode ?)

See entry 1.7 in the FAQ:


I don't think there's a "64-bit PAE" - you only get 32-bit, 32-bit PAE, and 64-bit.

Are there any checks that can be done before doing the
migration ?

Is there any programmatic way (from python) to find
out  if the kernel in a domU disk image is 32bit/64
bit/PAE/non-PAE/PV/HVM ?i.e. can I generate xen_caps
like string from the kernel ?

I don't know any Python, but the example config file starts with

import os, re
arch = os.uname()[4]
if re.search('64', arch):
    arch_libdir = 'lib64'
    arch_libdir = 'lib'

which I think is what you want.


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