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Re: [Xen-users] How to query the used space of a domU

On Dec 17, 2007, at 21:01 , Dominique H. Schramm wrote:

Hi folks,

i use xen 3.1.0 from sources with debian eth. the space for
the domU is a lvm volume.

now i have a problem:

how can i query the used space of a domU without logging
into the domU ? with xm i didn't find out an option how to
query this.

This information is not available to the hypervisor, it has no knowledge of the filesystem used by the domU. If the filesystem is ext2/ext3, you could query the logical volume in a read-only fashion, for instance by using something like "debugfs /dev/volgroup/volume -R stats | grep 'Free blocks'". I'm not an ext3 export to know for sure if this is advisable (funny in-between states of the filesystem while the guest is writing might emit nasal daemons if accessed by debugfs concurrently).

Generally speaking people leave this kind of monitoring to services like SNMP running on the guest.


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