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[Xen-users] Lookinfg for advices for a XEN Cluster


  I'm looking for tutorials and advices to setup a complete cluster XEN
solution to reach 99,9% of availability of the applications.

  My global idea is to get several x86-64 servers (let's say HP DL580 or
Fujitsu Siemens RX300) and install the same distro on them (let say RHEL
5.1 :-/  to be support for SAP or Oracle...)

  With this adequate supply of servers with the same Dom0 version
connected to a 4Gb/sec SAN, I would be able to migrate a server from a
XEN server to another XEN server in case of problem with the first one.
Here is my question :

  1) Is my idea reasonable? Can we talk about XEN cluster anyway?
  2) Where I could find information/tut related to a similar project?
  3) What are the requirement for the Live Migration & how it works?
  4) Can I install Ubuntu (Gusty) with para-virt on RHEL 5.1 Xen?
  5) Do you have any advices since i'm a little bit Xen n00b? ;)

  Thanks you very much!


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