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Re: [Xen-users] FreeBSD DomU under Debian Etch Dom0 (Xen 3.0.3-1)


I've found that my grub conf use Dom0 kernel with pae enabled when using Xen 3 kernel pae disabled.
Here are the logs i've catched :

PAE mode mismatch in Xen (xen=no Dom0=yes)

What i've see while googling is that on Debian, they only give us Pae kernels.

I have to compile my own kernels for Dom0 in a way to use FreeBSD as a DomU.

Just for my knowledge, how can you get logs of your Xen 3 kernel when it is rebooting because of a kernel panic?

Is it possible?


Igor Chubin a ÃcritÂ:
Is there an other builder option for Bsd systems?

I saw many post about people having the same problem but some told them to 
use diffÃrent kernel for install or using different way like non pae 

As my Xen kernel do a "kernel panic" with non pae (Quad Core with 4Gb) i 
can't try FreeBSD on my system.

You have kernel panic in the domain 0?

Can you provide more details on that?

I'm sorry I haven't seen these lines.

What do you suggest to me?

- Upgrade to Xen 3.1?
- Compile FreeBSD kernel with Pae enabled? (i'm searching for it but 
haven't found one yet, is it a working option for FreeBSD?)

I think it would be great option, 
bat as far as I know this is impossible for the present.

- Any other way?...

Thanks in advance.


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