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Re: [Xen-users] 3.0.3-based domU on 3.1.0 dom0?

> I'm trying to track down an issue I'm having with a few Debian VMs.  To
> wit, the Debian kernel is compiled against a 3.0.3 version of Xen and the
> dom0 is running 3.1.0.  Is there some big mismatch I should be aware of
> that would create problems in this scenario?  I was always under the
> impression that 3.x works with any other 3.x.

You can always run older 3.x-era domU kernels on newer 3.x-era Xens.  Often, 
you can run newer domU kernels on older Xen releases too but this is not 

You can't necessarily run older dom0 kernels on newer Xens.  The dom0 kernel 
version became independent of Xen version rather late on - around 3.0.4, I 
think.  So if you're using your 3.0.3 dom0 Linux kernel with Xen 3.1 then 
it'd be a problem.

You also need to make sure your Xen and tools installs are matched (which 
entails doing a proper uninstall of the old tools before installing newer 
ones, so as not to leave stale code lying around).

If you describe your problems in more detail, somebody here may have some more 
specific advice.


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