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Re: [Xen-users] Xen on RHEL 5.1 to para-virt Ubuntu Gusty

>>   I'm looking for any information (tutorial / howto) to run Ubuntu
>> (Gutsy)
>> on a RHEL 5.1 XEN (2.6.18-53.1.4.el5xen)
>>   I tried to install the para-virt Ubuntu from a remote mounted cd-rom
>> available by HTTP like I did to install a paravirtualized RHEL 5.1
>> inside the RHEL Xen ;)
> Well, there are various ways you can tackle this.
> I typically use an HVM install (full virtualisation) of Ubuntu onto RHEL
> initially, since this is convenient and well supported by the virt-manager
> tool.  I then convert this into a paravirtualised install if I want at a
> later date.  This is an approach I quite like.

Sound nice because I already have a full virtualized Ubuntu on RHEL at the
moment. How did you switch to paravirt? Do you just install the Ubuntu Xen
kernel and reboot?

> Or, there's a tool called "debootstrap" that will create a basic debian
> (or ubuntu) filesystem in a directory.  You can put this onto a virtual
> disk by simply mounting the filesystem on that disk into dom0 (e.g. using
> the lomount utility from qemu, which is supplied with Xen) and then
> running debootstap against that directory.
> You ought to be able to chroot into that filesystem subsequently and use
> apt-get to install a Xen-aware domU kernel and initrd.  When you're done
> with editing the filesystem in dom0, umount it so that the guest can use
> it safely.
> Finally in dom0 you can create a config file to boot that virtual disk and
> use pygrub to find and load the kernel from the guest's filesystem.
> Hopefully one of those methods will suit you!  Let us know if you need
> more help.
> Cheers,
> Mark

Allright, in a second time, I will check out the debootstrap method, I'm
already aware about it because I tried Xen on Ubuntu'Dom0 ;) I just have
to install debootstrap on RHEL : I will test this at the end of the week.
Thanks & Merry christmas to everybody ;)

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