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Re: [Xen-users] Routed dom0 setup problem -- second time around

Rich Wales schrieb:
> I'm still having problems getting a new Xen system to work properly in
> a "routed" configuration.
> I thought I had it figured out a few days ago, but when I couldn't get
> the Shorewall firewall application to work properly, it became evident
> that my Xen configuration was seriously messed up and that I really
> needed to start over with the networking from scratch.
> I'm running Xen 3.1 / Ubuntu 7.10 (kernel = 2.6.22-14-xen).  Here's my
> current xend-config.sxp file:
> (xen-api-server ((unix)))
> (xend-http-server yes)
> (xend-unix-server yes)
> (xend-relocation-server no)
> (xend-port 8000)
> (xend-address '')
> (xend-relocation-hosts-allow '')
> (network-script 'network-route netdev=dmz0')


without a deeper look into it, i assume network-script is called via some
kind of exec() and 'network-route netdev=dmz0' is trivially not found.

For easier use, I always use a wrapper script at this line.

(network-script 'my-network-route')

--- /etc/xen/scripts/my-network-route (chmod +x) ---
# start bridge on dmz0


$XENDIR/network-bridge "$@" netdev=dmz0 bridge=xenbr0 vifnum=0



> (vif-script vif-route)
> (dom0-min-mem 196)
> (dom0-cpus 0)
> (vncpasswd '')

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