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Re: [Xen-users] Problems converting FC8 HVM guest to PV

On Friday 28 December 2007 09:03:39  Evan Lavelle wrote:
> The *bad* news is, well, bad. The DomU appears to be Ok at first sight,
> but crashes when I run a specific program (wine, which is a
> Windows-on-Unix emulator [yes, I know that's crazy, but I need it for
> testing]). I get a kernel bug:

Wine is one of those badly behaved glibc negative segment offset programs. 
It's painful enough waiting for it to load in dom0. I'd hate to see what it 
does in a domu. Still, if you have time to follow Nico's suggestion, might be 

> 1 - The console doesn't work (but it never has on my HVM DomU's; I get a 
>   "xenconsole: could not read tty from store" error, with nothing useful 
> in the qemu log)

If you want to debug this further, post your hvm config. The way sdl grabs the 
mouse pointer drives me crazy.

> 2 - networking isn't started; I get the normal eth0 startup failed 
> message, but there's no subsequent attempt to startup eth1/2/etc

Look at 'brctl show'. You may have dom0's eth0 as a bridge, which fc8 (and any 
modern 3.1.x xen) does, and may have to change your hvm vif's bridge 
accordingly, at least as a test.

> 3 - The sdl window hangs up at the anacron boot message, which is normal 
> on the FC8 Dom0 (after FC8 messes up the serial console and inittab).

Somebody correct the syntax if this is wrong, but appending 'console=tty 
console=xvc0' to your domu's grub's kernel line may help.

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