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[Xen-users] Xen - AoE benchmarks

hi all
forgive me if this question has already been answered (i couldnt find any
:( )..

I am working on some xen based cluster where we were thinking of using AoE
for storage management -rather than pinning a DomU's data partition to the
same host (same stuff which everybody does)

here comes my question:
I have read in several places that AoE is sleek and fast for certain
conditions,etc etc. But i couldnt find any real Xen-AoE combination (or
atleast linux AoE) benchmarks in the internet.

I managed to stumble upon several Coraid benchmarks - but they arent useful
at all. because the coraid disks are connected by a MyriNet NIC (i guess
1/10 Giga bit nic card) and its their implementation.

I am looking at benchmarks for a simple 100 MBps ethernet lan (or a 1GBps
ethernet lan) - Dedicated for Aoe, based on the vblade/aoe kernel modules..
There are no racks/special storage servers. Its just a set of commodity
machines  in the cluster. each machine has a dedicated nic card for aoe
tasks, while the other is used for cluster communication/ communication to
the internet.
-----Note that these machines are also performing computationally intensive
tasks sometimes.

-----Some things i would definitely like to know are , 
--If a host A is busy, does it affect the host B's AoE data fetch
from host A its hard drive significantly?
--What kind of bandwidths (atleast a ballpark number) can i expect,
when compared between a in host hard disk access and remote host AoE based
hard disk access?

If such bench marks are available anywhere, would somebody please point me
to the links or any such source where i can dig it from?

thanks in advance.


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