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Re: [Xen-users] any VT-d enabled mobos for Xeon 5000 series out there ?


As far as server chipsets are concerned, Intel has stated the Xeon 5400 (DP) or Xeon 3200/3210 (UP) are VT-d capable.  However, it's up to the OEMs in enabling VT-d in the BIOS.  Please note that from what I've seen, it will explicitly state "VT-d" in the BIOS for enabling or disabling on top of anything that refers to "Intel Virtualization" or "Vanderpool".

I've seen multiple 5400-based chipsets support VT-d, but have yet to come across a Xeon 3200/3210 chipset that an OEM has implemented and enabled VT-d functionality.

The Tyan Tempest i5400XT (S5396) is a good example of when the chipset/BIOS supports VT-d.  You'll see it mentioned in the manual:


Page 47 of the PDF, section, "Intel VT for Directed I/O (VT-d)" shows a great example of how it should look.

I know the guys over at the Microsoft Windows 2008 forums playing around with Hyper-V have been delving into VT-d testing too.  It's been hit-or-miss for them also with VT-d enabled combinations.  (They've been having issues with ASUS Q35-based boards with VT-d).

But alas, an answer to your question, there are no S5000V-based chipset motherboards that have VT-d.  The 5400's should.

Good luck!


sven waeyenbergh wrote:
Hi list,

i have seen a lot of questions about VT-d on recent intel mobos.
however, it seems that all tests are done on the newer socket 775-based xeon's or core2's, and not the 5000 series (socket 771 based).

i was planning on getting a intel S5000V chipset, but found out that it does not support VT-d.
Can anyone confirm a mobo that has this enabled and also has 2x LGA771 sockets ?


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