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Re: [Xen-users] Windows 2008

> > Is there a "xenified" version of Windows 2008 Server? If not, are there
> > any special drivers to make it run fast? I intend to use either Suse or
> > Red Hat 5.1, 64 Bits. But I run SQL Server and I am afraid of the
> > performance hit.
> Search for "GPL PV drivers" on this and xen-devel lists.

Have they been tried on Win 2k8 yet?  I don't know, just curious.

Venefax: remember the GPL PV drivers are still beta software, although 
developing rapidly, so you should be cautious with them.  It's advisable to 
search through the mailing list a little to acquaint yourselves with the 
issues around them.

Patches to support the MS hypercall interface used by Win 2k8 Server have been 
posted to the mailing list.  There's ongoing investigation into which of the 
hypercalls are most beneficial to implement in Xen.


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