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Re: [Xen-users] Xen and other server processes

nicedream wrote:
Hi, I currently have a Xen VPS server (which I pay for monthly) that I use to
host my own personal email, web sites, etc

I have started teaching a class on Linux, and would like to possibly give my
students their own Xen environment so they can each have root access.  I am
looking at dedicated servers for this.

My question:  Is it possible (and advisable) to divide a dedicated box up
partially for Xen domUs?  For instance, can I can I run several domUs and
dedicate half my disk space/memory for that, and then save the rest for my
own server processes outside of Xen?  Or would I dedicate the whole box to
Xen, and then just allocate myself a Xen instance with 50% of the resources? Basically, can Xen and other servers coexist peacefully?

Both are doable and from a Security POV, the latter is preferred.


While I am posting, I will ask another question that I think I already know
the answer to.  Is there any way to create a Xen instance without a
dedicated IP address for that instance?

Thanks in advance,


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