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Re: [Xen-users] Web tool for management xen DomainUs ?

You could also look @ HyperVM - http://lxlabs.com/software/hypervm/

HyperVM is a multi-platform, multi-tiered, multi-server, multi-virtualization web based application that will allow you to create and manage different Virtual Machines each based on different technologies across machines and platforms.

HyperVM sports advanced features allowing you to manage your entire vps hosting from a single console. HyperVm has been optimized for cross data-center clusters, allowing you to have your servers spread across multiple data centers all over the world. Some key HyperVM features:

  • Full Distribution. Manage your entire data center. HyperVM is successfully used by our clients to manage 1000s of vpses on 100s of servers, centrally, with the slaves spread across different DCs.
  • Support for Windows Virtualization. HyperVM allows efficient windows virtualization with advanced features like backup/restore built in.
  • Support for multiple virtualization technologies.
  • Live Migrate
  • Integrated, optimized centralized backup. HyperVM centralized backup uses symlinks to provide extreme efficiency in backing up your entire hosting. HyperVM provides advanced browse backup feature where a client can browse his entire backup and automatically restore it himself, without ever needing to contact the support.
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    > Hello Agustin,
    > Agustín López wrote:
    >> I like to allow to several DomainUs admins to admin his virtual 
    >> servers with a web
    >> interface, without contact with Domain0. This tool must be opensource,
    >> and allow shutdown, reboot and see the logs with a web user / pw.
    >> Perhaps too the memory, CPU, ,,, of the virtual server.
    > the only webmanagement software for xen I know, is Enomalism [1]. There
    > is an older version 0.7.2 which I've never tried myself and a new
    > version 2 which is an Alpha release. I haven't figured out how to fully
    > work it yet, but it looks promising
    > Greetz Age_M
    > [1] http://www.enomalism.com
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