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Re: [Xen-users] Release 0.8.9 of GPL PV drivers for Windows

On Mon, May 05, 2008 at 12:47:39AM -0400, jim burns wrote:
> On Sunday April 27 2008 12:10:35 pm Jim Burns wrote:
> > >> Nice improvements. I will test disk i/o w/ iometer later.
> > >
> > > I'll be interested in the results, but the disk stuff hasn't changed in
> >
> > a while.
> >
> > I kind of thought so, since you haven't mentioned it, but I'll post the
> > results later anyway.
> And here we go:
> Equipment: core duo 2300, 1.66ghz each, 2M, sata drive configured for UDMA/100
> System: fc8 32bit pae, xen 3.1.2, xen.gz 3.1.3, dom0 2.6.21
> Tested hvm: XP Pro SP2, 2002 w/512M, file backed vbd on local disk, tested w/ 
> iometer 2006-07-27 (1Gb \iobw.tst, 5min run) & iperf 1.7.0 (1 min run)

Hmm.. have you tried LVM backed devices for HVM guest? Or raw devices.. 

Could you try iometer on dom0 to see what kind of performance you get
there.. or on linux pv domU? 

And one more thing.. was your XP HVM single vcpu or more? Did you try binding
both dom0 and hvm domU to their own dedicated cpu cores?  

-- Pasi

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