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RE: [Xen-users] Release 0.8.9 of GPL PV drivers for Windows

> And more thing for the number of vcpu's for the HVM guest.. I think
> Windows
> installs UNI or SMP HAL during the install time.. I don't know what kind
> of
> effect there is if you run SMP HAL with only a single (v)CPU ?

The first time you start a previously UP windows DomU with more than a single 
vcpu, you get a message like 'your system must be rebooted for your new 
hardware to complete installation', and sure enough you don't see the 
additional CPU(s) in process monitor until you reboot.

Subsequent changes to and from SMP don't do the same thing, so it is possible 
that the first time you boot with >1 cpu an SMP hal gets installed, and that it 
doesn't get uninstalled afterwards... In a physical as opposed to virtual 
environment this kind of makes sense - how often are you going to take an SMP 
machine back to a single processor unless you have a hardware failure or 
something, which will probably only be temporary anyway until the replacement 
cpu arrives?


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