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Re: [Xen-users] A simple backup

Steve Spencer wrote:
My question is, if I just want to backup the currently running vm's can I just backup the disk images and config files or do I need to do as the article suggests and also backup machine states and memory images?

If you only need to be able to replace a few files then you dont need the machine states and memory image. If you want a "warm" backup of the full OS then you would want that memory state.

So if you want warm backup (think full point in time restore ... running point in time) and if you are using lvm backed domU.
xm save
lvcreate snapshot (of both disk and swap)
xm restore
dd the snapshots you created out to files
grab the xm save checkpoint, the images you created by dding the disk and swap, and grab the domU config
tar it up

Then you can if you needed to dd the image back to the lvms, put the domU config in place and run xm restore on the checkpoint,

It would put your machine back to the way it was when you first ran xm save.

Does that make sense?

Nick Anderson <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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