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[Xen-users] DomU on LVM


I'm trying to setup Xen guests on LVM logical volumes. What I want to
achieve is:
- better performance as with file based VBDs
- easy resizing options for guest filesystems

So my plan was to use LVs directly as partitions in the guest
/dev/vg/lv1 -> /dev/hda1
/dev/vg/lv2 -> /dev/hda2 (or /dev/hdb1 FWIW)
According to documentation I found, that should be possible but I wasn't
able to get it to work.
Probably my issue is that I want to install the guest OS from scratch which includes creating filesystems and (if needed) partitions. So the installer displays /dev/hda1 as disk instead of just a partition and doesn't allow to create a filesystem on it.

Is there a way to show the DomU a (faked) disk /dev/hda with partition table so that /dev/hda1 and /dev/hda2 would be available to create filesystems on them? Or any other possibility to achieve that?

While using one LV for the whole DomU disk would be possible it makes
resizing much harder since DomU doesn't know about LVM so I can resize
the "disk" but it's not really possible to resize the partitions within

Any hints?


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